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Bali – A Series of Unfortunate Events


I was really happy to have a chance to see and photograph Bali one more time. My plan was simple, I will enjoy in paradise for 1 month from 30.12.2013 till 30.1.2014 simply relaxing, taking photos and learning how to surf… At least that was I was thinking...

My troubles started even before I left for Bali. A few days before my departure I wanted to buy a wide angle lens ( I blame my friend Francis for the drama) Francis showed me beauty of a wide angle, the (widest I had was 18mm kit lens). After considering Tokina 11-16mm f/2.8 DX, Tokina 12-24mm f/4 DX, Nikon 10-24mm f/3.5-4.5G ED DX and Nikon 12-24mm f/4G IF ED DX I decide the best choice will be Nikon 12-24mm … I was really excited that I would be able shoot Bali with a new lens and a new perspective. Buying the lens was more complicated I had expected, the first store did not have it, the second store, for some reason did not accept credit cards, and and the next shop had wicked prices! So I decide not to do business with any of them. While on my lens hunt I was also searching for an adapter ring for new lens and a Lee filters kit… Time was running out and I did not find any of my 2 items – Very disappointing ☹

After all of that, the last evening before my flight to Bali, I went to my Gym to cancel my subscription for a month. But because I had many things to do before, and Jakarta traffic is terrible I arrived too late and they had their system shut down… I did not think it was a big deal, but after I got back from Bali they wanted me to pay previous month when I did not even use the gym, I disagreed and just cancelled everything with them...

The Next day our flight for Bali was at 6:45am, but somehow Limey and I managed to miss the flight … Yes, we missed the flight, We were asked to go in Air Asia office and re-book the ticket for the next flight, we did and the next flight was at 10am ( we also had to pay a penalty and price difference between our old and new flight, early morning flights were the cheapest, and 10am was a much higher price...) Now all of the waiting till the flight time, and then we heard the announcement our flight had an hour delay …

Bali here we comeeeeeeeeee !!!!


First day at Bali! We did not do much… We reached our hotel ( Grandmas Hotel Kuta) the hotel was not so great.. not at all like it was on the internet. It had an open lobby full of mosquitoes, bad view and the customer service was poor they didn’t want to give me a glass of hot water... but room was nice and clean. After we settled down we decide go out and get some lunch. Then we took a walk to the beach and dinner.

I was glad to be back in Bali.

The following day we had booked a Rafting adventure, and I was really excited about it, but that morning it was it started to rain heavily so we were forced to cancel ( no refund )…  That afternoon we went for a little walk, then headed back to the hotel to prepare to celebrate New Year … evening came and the rain started again so we decide to take a taxi to Kuta beach where we decide celebrate. The streets were extremely crowded and many of them closed to traffic because of the celebration. It was golden time for the taxi drivers to make good money on the “bule” tourists. Our driver originally asked for $10 usd but we bargained the price down and paid $5 usd. We did not know he would only be able to drive us 1km before he said the road is closed ( the irony is that we waited 15 mins for the taxi when we could have walked it in 10.)

The streets were full, full with drunken tourists, local sellers who sells paper trumpet and bunny ears with lights ??? seriously, I can not figure out how they came up with the idea of selling rabbit ears, but I saw many people wearing them…

Now midnight was getting closer and the rain also started to fall harder and harder, so we found shelter in a nearby mall and we waited till midnight on a balcony to see the fireworks display !!! They were spectacular and It was really a shame that we were unable to go to the beach… After the show we decide to find a bar and have local Bintang beer…

After our party the rain stopped and we went back to the hotel.


First day of the new year 2014! We did not do much beside resting and walking around Kuta beach and the nearby malls.

On the 2nd we checked out from our hotel and went to Uluwatu area, where I booked a room for a month and I rented a car for 20 days. It was a very old Suzuki Katana but it is a Jeep style so I was thinking it would be cool to go around Bali in it. Car was very old and in bad condition, but for just 100 euros for 20 days I did not expect some great car, so it was better than nothing. 

After I got the car we went to our accommodations in Uluwatu near Dreamland beach, and on the way there the car was really terrible, radio and AC did not work, passenger doors was really difficult to open, the interior was completely in mess and we also found lots of ants walking around… But after I noticed there was no seat belt and hand brake did not work when I parked on a hill, I really wanted to exchange the car…

When we got to the new room, it was also a little disappointing… It seemed like a very isolated area and the only way to reach the beach is by motorbike or car, also there was nothing special nearby to see so I was thinking I might feel bored there for a full month.I decide next day I will go back into the Kuta area and find accommodation there again. After we left our gear in the room we went to Padang-Padang Beach…


The day we woke up early and we went to Uluwatu temple to shoot the sunrise … Uluwatu temple is one of the most famous Budist temples in Bali. Located on a cliff, and in the evenings there is a traditional dance… The location is also famous because it is surrounded my monkeys, who are not really friendly, you need to be extremely careful with your belongings, they will steal almost anything and lots of people have lost sunglasses, wallets, phones, necklaces or they will just pull your bag for fun… If you are lucky you will get your things back when they get bored but usually they just throw it from the cliff into ocean.

In the morning we were the only people there, nobody around besides the monkeys and they all had their eyes on us, I had prepared my camera in the car and I had put my filters in a small bag that I hid under my shirt so the monkeys couldn't get them. I wanted to avoid opening my camera bag when I was surrounded by those beasts … The morning was cloudy so there was not a good sunrise and their was no drama to the sky at all, just pale gray …

After shooting we went for a little drive around the area. I was surprised how many tourists were awake at 6am and out driving motorbikes. We decide to follow one motorbike down a small road and we reached an Impossible beach to get to, it was beautiful… I so wanted to take photograph the location but when I started setting up my tripod the rain started and we were forced to get back in the car…

Durring the day we went to Nusa Dua to have some fun on the water and we booked jet-skis ( 15min pass was way too quick ) and we almost got lost but maps on the phone was a real life saver… Later we went to the room to collect our things and headed back to Kuta and our new accommodations.


The morning of day 6 we replaced our crummy Suziki Katana with a Daihatsu Xenia, same price and this time for 7 days. The car was little too big, it could seat 6 to 9 people, but was much better to drive …

We went for little road trip. Bali seems like a small island but because of the bad roads and Indonesian style of driving you take forever to get somewhere. We ended up at an amazing Balian beach. the beach looked so different and better then the popular beaches, there were also some hotels around and it was truly a surfers paradise, waves were amazing. I took some photos in the rain and it was already late afternoon so we decide go. On our way back I stopped at a rice plantation to shoot a little ( but the gray rainy sky is really not best time to take landscape photos, I just did not want to miss such an opportunity ) …

Later we went to a Beach Walk mall for diner and that’s all for that day…

Balian Beach


Day 7 was the last day for Limey and I had to drive her to the airport early that morning. I still had time so I decide go for sunrise walk at GWK (Garuda Wisnu Kencana ) cultural park.

It is devoted to the Hindu god Vishnu, and his mount, Garuda, the mythical bird who is his companion. Currently, the statue of Vishnu is 23 metres (75.5 ft) high, although the original plan was for it to be 146-metre (479 ft) gold-plated Vishnu riding Garuda on top of an 11-storey entertainment complex. Garuda's wing span will be 64 metres (210.0 ft) across. When it's completed, it will be the largest statue in the world.

That morning the park was completely empty, at least I though so, but after I sneaked inside, the security stopped me. I explained I just wanted to take photos of the sunrise and wold be back in 10 minutes a little chat about Indonesia, then he let me in. Sunrise was bad – again !  But this location is not really perfect for a sunrise shoot anyway, I just wanted to get a shot in the morning because later everything would be full of tourists… At that time I was really missing a wide angle lens. The place was really different to see when its empty, I had only 2 dogs for company, and they was not really friendly, so I needed to take a longer route to avoid them… My 10 minutes turned into an hour or more, and then I needed to go…

I got back to my room and went back to bed for a while. In the afternoon I went for a walk on the beach and out to lunch.

Later that day I came back to the Uluwatu area to take a photo at Padang-Padang beach ( I tried long exposure with my Lee Big stopper ) after the beach shooting I rushed back to catch the sunset at Uluwatu temple, but again the sunset was really bad, the sky on the horizon was filled with gray clouds …

After my failed sunset I headed back to Kuta, had dinner and got ready for the next day's exciting trip…

Padang Padang Beach


On day 8 I was surprised to discover that my friends Ania from Poland and Mariangeles from Guatemala are on Bali too. So we of course decided to share car coasts and explore Bali together.

We met in the morning for breakfast and to discuss where we wanted to go. I already had a nice map of Bali's tourist spots so after discussion we decided go to Goa Gajah or Elephant Cave and Tanah Lot temple.

Like always we did not know what direction to head in, so we just fallowed google maps and the direction that seemed the most logical choice … On the way there we saw a sign for a beach and we decide take a peek, we ended up on beautiful Sindu beach. It was yellow sand beach and most important there was not much trash… We continue our trip to Goa Gajah. It was really a pleasure to drive around Bali once you get out from the tourists area.

Goa Gajah was build in 9th. century and the façade of the cave is a relief of various menacing creatures and demons carved right into the rock at the cave entrance. The primary figure was once thought to be an elephant, hence the nickname Elephant Cave. This site also belongs to UNESCO Word Heritage List.

Once when we got there we wonderfully impressed, there was also holly pond and stairs which leads to a river. It such an amazing jungle feeling. Walking around I noticed an old Hindu monk praying and he invited me to pray with him. At first he was really nice but then I discovered he just wanted money. I took some photos but the sun was harsh in middle of day and it was not perfect conditions, it was still a great opportunity… Later we bought some souvenirs and started searching for our next destination – Tanah Lot temple.

On the way to the Tanah Lot temple we saw UC Silver - legendary sterling silver company. UC Silver has been the leader in luxurious handmade jewelry with unique designs inspired by the essence of every living thing. Factory and store looks very unique and luxurious, it was still under construction but we definitely did not regret our stop there.

The road to Tanah Lot was a little confusing but after a while we managed to get there. It was my second time going there but first time I being there during the day, when I first arrived it was dark and I could not see anything.

Tanah Lot is a rock formation. It is the home of a pilgrimage temple, the Pura Tanah Lot (literally "Tanah Lot temple") We took a walk around and at sunset we had drinks on the terrace of a restaurant with the most spectacular view from which I took photos. After sunset we decide walk around. I was taking photos, and then my friends get separated. So we lost Ania… Her phone battery was dead and we were unable to contact her. It was getting really dark at that time and the place quickly become completely empty. Maria and I continued walking back to the last meeting point in hopes we would see Ania … After about 20min she sent a message that she was near the car ( luckily she charge was able to charge her phone in a nearby store... enough to send us the message) … We called it a day, and headed back to our hotels.

Tomorrow we will take another trip.

Tanah Lot Temple


Day 9 of the Bali trip was spent with my friends . We decide to go to Git-Git waterfall, hot springs of Banjar and Ulun Danu temple..

We started kinda late, it was already noon when we got our breakfast. The trip to north of Bali was a bit confusing because we were stuck in traffic in some areas. Driving was taking longer then we had anticipated. The road was really terrible, lots of reckless drivers and the road was very winding and some of the hill slope was very steep, so we were moving very slow. We often saw dead men skull sign near the road, so that really boosts-up your confidence!

First on the list was Git-git waterfall, it is located in the high land somewhere about 300 meters above sea-level. Its surrounded with rain forest and beautiful tropical trees. The scene  was really wonderful and I was so happy to have an opportunity to visit such a place. I took some photos, wished I had thought to bring a towel along, I would have loved to take a swim. There were some local kids and they were really having a great time jumping and swimming around! There were many waterfalls, we started to walk into forest to find another waterfall, but the local people said it was located a few kilometers walking distance, and since it was drizzling we decide to go back to the car.That was a lucky call since just at that moment we reached a the small stand where we bought our tickets the rain start falling very heavily. We waited under the roof about ten or fifteen minutes till the rain calmed down. The rain did not stop, but at least not as strong as before so we had quick a run to the car ( still got really wet )… The local people told us the hot spring of Banjar was still far ( at least 2 hours driving ) and it was getting late so we skipped it.

We headed back and on the way saw Ulun Danu temple. Pura Ulun Danu Bratan, or Pura Bratan, was built in 1663, it is a major Shiva and water temple on Bali. The temple complex is located on the shores of Lake Bratan in the mountains. Lake Bratan is known as the Lake of Holy Mountain due to the fertility of this area. Located 1200 m above sea level, it has a cold tropical climate.

Once when we arrived there the place was really calm, we werethe almost only tourists there. So we had the freedom take shoot without somebody walking into into the frame. I took some long exposures and hdr brackets. Too bad the sky was nothing special, mostly just white or gray clouds. We waited for sunset but the clouds were too thick so there was not any color. After sunset it started to get cold and dark so we went back in to Kuta.

It was long ride. In kuta we had pizza for dinner and then I needed to say good bye to my friends, they was leaving Bali next morning. We surely had a great time.

Pura Ulun Danu Bratan


Day 10...

Started a new day with and old friend. I found out my college friend Ken just arrived on Bali for two days. So we arrange to meet in the morning. We decide to take a trip to the Monkey forest in Ubud and Kintamani.

After breakfast we were ready to go. I already collected some experience driving around so I had an idea of where to go and it was much easier to drive and navigate. On the way there we saw Kopi Luwak coffee plantation and we decide take a look at what wass going on there.

Kopi Luwak is produced mainly on the islands of Sumatra, Java, Bali and Sulawesi in the Indonesian Archipelago. Kopi Luwak or civet coffee, is coffee made from the beans of coffee berries which have been eaten by the Asian Palm Civet ( Luwak), he eats only the ripest coffee cherries. Unable to digest the coffee beans, the Luwak graciously deposits them on the jungle floor where they are eagerly collected by the locals. The stomach acids and enzymatic action involved in this unique fermentation process produces the beans for the world’s rarest coffee beverages, the most expensive and rare coffee in the world and only 500 to 700 kg are produced per year and sell for between US$ 100 and US$ 600 per pound or price in coffee shops can reach 30 to 100 US$ per cup.

Ken and I decide to try it On the plantation it was really cheap anyway. The seller liked that we can speak in Indonesian and he give us 2 cups for about 5 usd. He said he saw in us that we were not coffee lovers ( and that’s actually true, I rarely drink coffee ). He was talking to us about the process and how they make the coffee. He showed us the plantation with coffee beans and they have one civet ( Luwak ) in a cage, poor animal. He said in one day complete plantation make about one to two palms of coffee, then they process it and make coffee … Actually the whole idea that somebody drink poo from some animal is kind of disgusting, and the person who tried it first bust be some desperate coffee freak, but I need to say the coffee taste really unique' The taste is like chocolate, its not strong and there is not a bitter after taste, its really great. Irony is that after that poo every other coffee taste like poo now, especially normal coffee. We also got 11 different types of coffee and tea to compare taste with Kopi Luwak, but some of them were really nice too, especially coconut coffee.

Later we arrived at the Monkey forest in Ubud. It’s a small rainforest and temple complex, the home for approximately 340 monkeys. There are four groups of monkeys each occupying different territories in the park. The Monkey Forest contains the Pura Dalem Agung Padangtegal temple as well as a "Holy Spring" bathing temple and another temple used for cremation ceremonies. Place is really beautiful to visit and for rest, but also its good to be carefull. Monkeys are pretty wild and its not recommended bring food, even water bcz they go crazy when they see it. They are still wild but they also like to jump on peoples shoulder. After little walk in forest we continue our trip to Kintamani region.

We took Peneloak road which gave us quite a stunning view of Lake Batur ( the largest crater lake in Bali) and Mont Batur ( still an active volcano ). It was cold, because temperature difference is about 15 degrease lower then beach areas. Later we reached Pura Ulun Danu Batur (it is the second most important temple in Bali, built in 1926, the temple is dedicated to Dewi Danu, goddess of lakes and rivers. "Ulun Danu" literally translates as "head of the lake".) This is where I had a chance to shoot sunset. Luckily the weather was nice and the colors in the sky were beautiful! Later I took a few sunset shots from the road and we started back to Kuta area.

We had a long trip in front of us and we needed some rest for next day.



Day 11, we planed to go to West Bali National Park.

After I woke up I explored the route on my phone, the navigation said it would take about cca 6 hours in one direction ( if we look distance what is about about 140km, its seems average its about  25km/h, I had been in Indonesia long enough to know this is not a mistake, because most places you can not travel at a normal speed some are just have traffic jams and terrible roads ). It will take at least 10 or more hours just to get there and back, so there was no sense trying.

During breakfast Ken and I discussed where to go, and we really didn’t have an idea. So I decide we would visit the annoyed people who sell one day tour around Bali and asked them for ideas where to go that we didn’t go already. We did not want to take a tour because we had the car.

We decide take a ride to the east and then continue to north. Our first stop was Pantai Masceti. We found it by accident and decide to take a look. It is a beautiful black volcano sand beach, very clean and it was completely empty with just few tourist walk around.

Then we continued to follow the main road to Goa Lawah temple or Bat Cave temple. There is a cave with thousands bats inside, they hang out from cave roof and looking at the roof its seems as though it is moving. I have never seen something like that in my life. It was really a spectacular sight. There was also one seller lady in front of temple who was really nice at the beginning and she gave me a necklace made from bamboo for good luck, but after we came out from the temple she was pushy and wanted me to buy stuff from her, after I refused, because I don’t need it she started to get rude saying how she give me the necklace and I needed to pay for it, so I just gave it back to her and left. She took back my necklace for good luck and now when I look in back, I REALLY WISH I BOUGHT IT !!! because all my luck will soon vanish.

We continued to drive till we reached Tenganan traditional village. the place was not really special, but some of the hand crafts was really very nice, and I was extremely surprised when I saw chickens with so many colors. There was green, pink, gold, white-pink, purple chicken, and it was real – I had heard people painted them so they would sell better. We continued on north, we planned to reach Kintamani before sunset. On the way we saw beautiful rice fields and we made a short stop again and I took a few photos. We did not stay long…

We continued on again but the road seemed never ending. Sunset time came and the sky become pink, but we were still on the road somewhere around Kubu, nothing to see but the homes of the poor. I just drove and drove and then we were above Kintamani so I decide lets take a shortcut, because my map showed we were still very far from Singaraja. The shortcut was a very tight mountain road, with really steep uphill road full of very sharp turns. Very quickly it became completely dark and fog surrounded us but the sharp turns on the steep road just kept coming. I noticed the gas tank was almost empty, so I prayed we would make it in time to a gas station. I had a scenario in my head how we would be stuck in complete darkness, somewhere in the mountains with phone battery almost empty, and my friends flight the next day at 4am... so he was worried too. We were not sure how much gas we had bcz we were going uphill so the indicator was not correct, but we knew it must be almost empty because the trip took much longer than we predicted. After an hour driving on the horrible foggy road we finally reached kintamani and found a gas station. One problem solved, but we were in Kintamani, far far away from Kuta and I was really tired bcz I had been driving all day, last stop was the rice fields 4 hours ago, but somehow I managed the drive back to Kuta and I drop my friend at his hotel about midnight.

When I reachd my room I was dead tired and I just wanted to sleep forever.


I woke up late. I was to tired to go anywhere far, so I decide d it’s time to rest and enjoy the sun and ocean. I planned to shoot the sunset in Tanah Lot again as well.I really wanted to swim at Padang-Padang beach... so I start out to the Uluwatu area. It was about a 1 hour drive from my room… The day seemed perfect. But then... my day started going extremely bad.

I was driving behind a truck about 10 minutes, it was heavy traffic and when I saw room enough in the road I wanted go around him. Just when I sped up the truck made a turn right in front of me and I hit him. That was my first car accident in my life and the impact was really strong. I was sure the front end of my car was completely destroyed, but when I get out the damage was not that bad as I had imagined… Like always when there is an accident in Indonesia the people gather around you wanting money ( bcz seems no one there has ever heard of car insurance ). There was not much damage to the truck but a protective railing on the side get bend, so they wanted me to pay for it 2.000.000 idr or about $200, I refused and started to negotiate with them but it was a creepy situation because I was alone against them, and I had my camera in car and my phone was somewhere on car floor, during impact all of my things went sliding around inside. I did not want people to walk around my unlocked car. After negotiation I accepted to pay a price of about 400 000 ird or $40 usd ( which is not big money just to get out and away from the crowd ). Then my problem was I did not have $40 with me, so some man followed me with his motorbike to the first ATM. After he was gone I was stoped in Dreamland to take a better look at the damage and I taped up the loose parts.

My mood for swimming had suddenly gone and I headed back to rent-a-car to return car ( it was the last day anyway). But just when I get close I realized I had left my debit card in ATM so I rushed back (I had to drive again about 45min to an hour ) but when I got there I did not find anything ( like I assumed but I needed to try ). By this time I had already spent most of day just driving to uluwatu and back 2 times, and fighting with the locals.

When I finally reached rent-a-car agency, and they saw the damage he wanted me to pay 2.000.000 idr or again $200. I was confused bcz I thought the car was insured, but on the bill was a statement that any damage will be charged to the max $500 ( even if its not my fault or I park car somewhere and someone else damaged it, it was my responsibility to pay... seemed unfair – with this scenario they can search for their own parked cars and damage them on purpose, and later ask tourist for money to pay for it). There was no way I would give him $200 for it, after some negotiation I got the amount dropped to $50usd so I paid it. If I had been leaving the country I would have just ignored the rest of what he said but I would be staying in Indonesia for some time and I didn’t want stupid car to cause more trouble later on in future.

After that I just decide to walk around Kuta beach to calm myself. I also decide to wait for the sunset on the beach and It was the most beautiful sunset I had ever seen and the most beautiful of all the sunsets during my stay on Bali. At that time I got even more annoyed because I had originally planned to shoot the sunset at Tanah Lot, and If I had the photos would look epic !!!

11.1.14 - 16.1.14

Since I no longer had a car I spent the next week being lazy and relaxing. I did not like to be in my room so I just went out to walk around and look at the shops, find something to eat and just enjoy walking on the beach. I also went to shoot the sunset at the beach every day, during the day I would shoot surfers on the amazing Bali waves! Sometimes, I just left my camera in the room and I relaxed.

I visited Waterboom, the number 1 waterpark in Asia and with good reason. There are many different rides there, but most impressive is Climex. 19 meters high, It all starts with entering the chamber, then you hear a voice counting 3-2-1 and suddenly you lose the ground under your feet and experience a free fall. Acceleration reaches 2.5G and your speed is about 70km/h. The ride is about 7 seconds long but it really gives you an adrenaline rush.

I also enjoyed the Movies under the moonlight, an open cinema in Discovery mall, without an ocean like background.

I need to say I did not like beach very much, It was the worst time to be there, the rainy season. Every time the rain would end the beach would be covered in trash. I never imagined there could be so much trash on Bali, it was a huge disappointment. Those days passed way to fast.

The next day I decided to try surfing..


17.1.14 - 21.1.14

I finally decided to try surfing. I left all my gear in the room and I just took a little money, my phone in a waterproof bag and the room key with me. I found a good price for 1 hour of instruction and 2 hours for the surf board, I paid about 100 idr or about $10. First they ask for $30 so you need to bargain with the merchant. People on Bali are extremely tricky – specially sellers.

Surfing, is much harder then it looks. It is hard to keep your balance but after several tries I finally did it. For 10 seconds of surfing I needed 5 minutes to fight with the waves and surf board to reach the start point again. The waves were big and they really wear you out. Of course I brought my phone with me, I had a waterproof case so I was thinking why not take a few photos and selfies while I surf !!! Then I saw my phone was not working anymore, the screen did not respond, led light was just only thing lit and I saw water inside phone camera lens ( it was a new phone, I had bought it just 1 month earlier ).

Luckily there was no salt  water In the phone “waterproof” bag... my phone was damaged by condensation. I turned off the phone but the led light stayed on. I hurried back to my room and I put my phone in a bag full of silica gel and closed it. I left it in silica for 24 hours till I saw there was not more water inside camera lens and then I tried to turn it on, but it did not respond so I tried connecting it to the charger but still no response ( I took my laptop and I connected it to the internet in a nearby hotel where I stayed for the first 3 days when I arrived in Bali, so I knew the internet password ) I found out trying to turn it on connected to the charger was a big mistake, I just needed to leave the phone in the case of silica gel and not touch it for a week ( so I decicded not to touch it anymore, but Led light was still on ).

New problem, I am alone on Bali for a while, with no phone, no connection to Internet and nobody knew what happened to me. So the next day I sent messages on facebook with laptop and hotel internet. Over the next few days I really enjoyed being without my phone, the days were passing quickly, I had fun on the beach and also did some photography, I did not have much time to go to the hotel and bring my laptop, to the open lobby it was so humid and I did not want expose my macbook to humidity, but lack of connection was too much trouble for my friends and family who did not know what was going on with me and I was worried what if I needed the phone in case of emergency, so It was time to leave Bali.

I re booked ticket to 21.1.14 ( originally ticket was to 30.1.14 so i needed to pay extra ) and then I heard about a new problem. I was use internet on airport when I was waiting for boarding to fly into Jakarta airport when I heard Jakarta streets are under flood !!!

Damn !!!

Surfing in Bali


Luckily the flood was not as bad as I expected so I reached the apartment without a problem… The next few days I did not go out much because of the chaos and I tried to see what was going on with my phone.

I put it in rice for a few days ( which was actually a big mistake, silica gel is a much better solution because it absorbs moisture and prevents rust ). I finally managed to turn on my iPhone, but the LED light was unable to turn off, the phone was overheated after 5 minutes of use (phone was really really hot ) and the battery life was about 30 minutes. I noticed that my water damage indicators were still white ( Iphone 4 has 3 water damage indicators, one is placed on the bottom of phone, In middle of docking/charging connector, one at the bottom of the headphone jack and one inside of phone ). when in contact with water those indicators will change colors from white to red and my warranty would no longer be valid. But on my phone they were still white so I decide to take it for service and give it a try.

First service rejected my phone and they said they found a little rust inside ( Led light area – so that is a reason why light is ON all the time ) but after a little arguing about how I don’t have any idea what happened, and the phone is not water damaged because indicators are still white ( they showed me a phone without mask and inside there was an indicator that was also white – what a relief for my arguments XD ) so they took it back in for service and sent it to the iPhone center in Indonesia.

So here are a few tips based on my experience :

-water proof case for phone does not have perfect protection, specially if you surf for about 2 hours in hot weather

- in case your phone gets wet turn it off immediately (and take out battery if u can) DO NOT try to turn it on for the next 3 to 7 days ( I was trying to turn it on every few seconds ) and DO NOT try to charge phone.

- put phone in plastic bag or case with silica gel to absorb any moisture ( silica gel is much better then rice because its also prevents rust ), close it tightly so no outside air can get inside and leave it for about 7 days )

- in case that didn't work, take phone in for service ( if its still under warranty ) and do not admit phone had any contact with water because when you say that you will also void you warranty, so just play dumb and pretend you don’t know what happened and hope for the best.


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