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Bandung & Kawah Putih & Tangkuban Parahu

Kawah Putih 

Kawah Putih ( or White Crater ) is located in Ciwiday about 50km from Bandung on altitude of 2194 meters and it was created in eruption in hat occurred around the 10 or 11 century. Long before Kawah Putih was opened for public local communities it was believed to be haunted because of the many birds that died while traversing the area, but later it was discovered the cause of the deaths was sulfur due to lava bursts. Because sulfur was very high Dutch had built a sulfur factory and later Japanese during occupations. In 1987 become tourist attraction since the lake was absolutely stunning. The Lake has the unique characteristic of water that can change color, like apple green and bluish when exposed to the light reflection of the sun, then sometimes it looks like chocolate milk, but the water is most commonly seen as white with a thick fog on it.

Mount Tangkuban Perahu

is the largest mountain in the Parahyangan mountain range. Tangkuban Perahu is named this way because the shape resembles that of a boat overturned, and it is famous for its craters.

Mount Tangkuban Perahu has a legend, story of Tangkuban Perahu is the presence of a young man named Sangkuriang who fell in love and wants to marry a woman named Dayang Sumbi. They fall for each other, but Dayang Sumbi realizes later that Sangkuriang is her biological child who went away long ago because she was very angry after Sangkuriang killed his pet dog when they failed to hunt deer. He did not know but that pet dog was his biological father. Now, knowing Sangkuriang is her biological child she will not marry him, but he does not believe her and still insists. Finally she agrees if he can make a lake and a boat in one night. Aided by genies and spirits Sangkuriang began to make the lake and the boat. Seeing Sangkuriang nearly completed the boat Dayang Sumbi plans to trick him.She sets fires in the east so the chickens start crowing and the genies that had helped Sangkuriang left because they thought it was already morning. Without their help Sangkuriang could not finish in time. Sangkuriang was furious and kicked the boat, the boat fell upside down and there was Mount Tangkuban Perahu.

Finally our holiday! So Limey and I decide to go to Bandung, a town not to far from Jakarta. We found a hotel with a good price so we decide to give it a try. I had Bandung on my list for a while and I especially wanted to go see Kawah Putih and Tangkuban Perahu.


We decide to go In the middle of week because traffic is not as terrible. Our traffic line for going out from Jakarta was normal for Indonesian standards, but the traffic line for going into Jakarta was terrible, the road was full of cars in several lines, barely moveing and it was long 10 kilometers on the highway ( but this is just another normal day on Jakarta roads ).

We reached Bandung in about 3 hours and found the hotel easily with Google Maps. After check in we took a little rest, lunch and we then decide to continue to Kawah Putih. Just as we left the hotel we looked for new directions, and we took wrong turn ( actually we did not turn and the police stopped us and give us fine on a straight road if you want go straight you need turn left, make a U turn and come back to the same road 5 meters ahead ? we just went straight ).

Google Maps said Kawah Putih was only 50km away so I expected we to reach the place in 1 hour. But in reality we needed 3 hours. Even outside Jakarta the road was crowded and close very tight, really steep and full of sharp corners with cars, trucks and motorbikes just flying around you like in a rally race ( seriously – Indonesian drivers are crazy ). We arrived late, it was almost 5pm and sunset was about 5:40pm. But the scene is really spectacular. The lake had a stunning light green colour with dead trees around it giving it a special mood, also you can smell rotten eggs the sulfur smell. Soon I took out my camera and started setting up my tripod. I just started shooting and suddenly a heavy rain starts ! Ahhhh, I was so disappointed, I was there 5 minutes and then the rain ! People started running to their cars, and we did too because in the car we had an umbrella, I put the rain cover on my camera bag and plastic bag over camera and we started to run!

We waited about 20 minutes till the rain calmed down a little and then we went back to the lake, I did not want to go home after only 5 minutes since we had driven 3 hours to reach the lake! During the slight rain it was kinda nice, there were no people anymore but also no sunlight, the fog became thicker and soon it was dark ! I was able to shoot a little and then it was time to go back to the hotel.

On the way back the fog was really thick on the small forest roads, so it was really hard to drive, and tiring too. When we finally reached Bandung we decide go to Paris Van Java. Really nice mall where we had dinner and looked around and and then back to the Hotel.

Kawah Putih


On the second and last day we slept in late because we were so tired of driving. In the afternoon after check-out we went to have breakfast-lunch and we wanted to go Tangkuban Perahu volcano.

It is supposed to be very close to Bandung with about 30 minutes to 1 hour drive. We started about 1:30 pm and as usual we used Google Maps to show us the way and then like usual the problems start. Because google maps picks the shortest route and does not care about the condition of the road. So we drove on a narrow small street, with terrible roadway and very often stuck in traffic, until we got near the volcano. The map took us through a very steep forest road, the car could barely fit, rocky road with lots of holes, this road would be a challenge for off-road vehicles so we went back, even though we were low on gas ( distance was 30km so we though we could get gas on the way back) so we were praying we would find a gas station somewhere.

At the end of the road we asked for directions and after about 3 hours we reached our destination. We got to the entrance gate of Tangkuban Perahu about 4:45pm and our working time was till 5pm ( really bad bad luck, and the ticket was not cheap for just 15 minutes ), Tangkuban Perahu crater was really nice, this was my first time next to a crater and it is still active so you can see smoke going out ( but there was no lava ). I took just a few photos and then the security men came to see if we needed assistance and we said it was ok, we can get out by our selves, but security was persist that everyone must leave because in the evening there is more CO2 in the air and it can be dangerous. Some people also argued that they wanted to stay a little longer so I used that time while they had security occupied for takeing a few more photos.

And then we left. It was a short visit but better than nothing.

The way back to Jakarta was a completely new adventure. By map going back to Bandung was a long way back, so it was best to take a shortcut and find a way to the highway nearby. Google maps again showed us a great set of directions but in reality it was terrible ! Again it was a really small road, in the middle of nowhere, we passed many small villages, dark areas and fogy parts, till we finally reached a small place, even this place was confusing so at one point we drive in wrong direction on one direction street.

On our shortcut we lost about 2 hours and then finally reached the highway ! We reached Jakarta at about 11pm … In the end looks like we just spent all our time in the car with little stops all around :/

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